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Enrol at the Top Online PTE Training Institute in India & Australia and get your desired score in first attempt

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Instant feedback on PTE Writing and Speaking tasks

You get sectional mock tests, mini-mock tests and full mock tests. Do the mock tests and get the results immediately and the feedbacks help you to constantly improve your Writing and Speaking skills.

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Monitor your PTE progress in Real-time

With Intelligent AI scoring and intelli-assistant, you get a lot of graphical and verbal analysis on your performance in real-time. You can easily track you mistakes, where you need to improve and detailed analysis.

Our intelli-assistant is monitoring your PTE performance in real-time and will suggest you personalized tips and suggestions to improve.

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Super Intelligent PTE AI Scoring

With the level of detail in our AI feedback, it is the most detailed and accurate scoring you can get. Our students have improved tremendously by using the analysis provided by our AI.

Many students got the same score in PTE exam, as given by our AI. That makes our Intelligent AI the most accurate in the market.

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Why Students Like Edutrainex

We provide the best PTE training to the candidates and help them achieve their career goals

Highly Experienced Trainers

Highly Qualified and Heavily Experienced PTE Trainers.

Top Success Rates

Superb success rates for students when they choose Edutrainex.

Fast & Accurate AI Scoring

Extremely accurate scoring and detailed feedback provided by our AI.

Unlimited Online Live Classes

No limit to classes, join as many as you want unless you get perfect in PTE tasks.

Affordable Fees

One of the most affordable, but highly comprehensive PTE trainings in the market.

3000+ Practice Questions

Comprehensive Question bank with real PTE exam questions.

Real PTE Test Environment

We provide Unlimited Tests (including sectional mock tests, mini mock and full mock tests).

24x7 Support

Experts are available to Support our students online.

Top Quality Resources

We provide top quality materials and use latest technologies to benefit our students.

A group of most experienced and qualified tutors, helping you on each step of success in PTE. Book a FREE Trial Class today BOOK TRIAL CLASS

Tutorial Videos

Learn from the Best

Founded by alumni of IIM Indore and Cardiff University, UK, Edutrainex PTE training and its platform provides you with assurance of success. Our tutors have teaching experience of more than 15+ years and have tutored for PTE/IELTS in colleges in UK, India and Australia.

Learn the Best Strategies
  • Strategies: Tried and Tested
  • Templates: High Scoring Templates
  • High Success: 1000s of Students
  • 1-To-1 Feedbacks: By AI and Tutor
  • Performance Analysis: Graphical & Verbal
  • PTE Tasks: All PTE Tasks Strategies
Overview Videos

Start your learning with the overview videos. Wtach them to learn all the details about all sections - PTE Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening and also about every PTE task.

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PTE Coaching Australia, India, Nepal & Worldwide

PTE preparation can be overwhelming for the test takers and if no proper training or guidance are available, it can get even more challenging. With the focus driven approach, we at EduTrainex have designed our PTE Coaching to help the students and immigrants from the Indian sub-continent countries to secure better score in PTE test and realize their dreams. Our online PTE preparation is one of a kind, with features that are not only intended to support the test takers in every way possible, but also to give them personal attention and feedbacks that would certainly help them.

Online PTE Preparation Classes Near me

When you set out to search for “pte classes near me” or “pte coaching near me”, what do you look for? You look for best quality, price, flexibility and convenience. Although, searching the “pte classes near me” or “pte coaching near me”, would show you many training providers near you and might also be conveniently located near you. But what not everyone can guarantee is the best quality of teaching as well as flexibility in the class timings.

So, an online PTE preparation program can offer you much more in those regards. Firstly, an online PTE preparation program such as the one provided by EduTrainex, offers you getting taught directly by the industry experts who are pioneers in providing English language training, as well as have higher degree of success rates among students. Secondly, a great Online PTE preparation will also provide facilities of watching recorded classes if you missed any or even the videos related to the different question types in PTE and much more.

Join PTE Exam Coaching in Australia - Access Anywhere

Lastly, after you have prepared well and when it comes to booking the test, we help you there as well. To Join PTE Exam Coaching in Australia and worldwide, the best bet is to you use the official PTE website to find the dates that fit your schedule. It is always up-to-date and you will be able to pick up the available dates at an exam centre close to you. We can provide you with the guidance on what time of the year it gets really busy and when it is more available.

You get real PTE exam questions when you practice with us and all our mock tests are designed to help you get more acquainted with the exam. Our PTE Specialists are available anytime to help you with improving your weak areas and master the techniques to clear the exam in the first attempt. We have different types of packages for students with different needs. Depending on your self-assessment and which areas you need help most, you may select the appropriate package for yourself. Read the features and solutions what our PTE training software offers you.

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